Business & IT Consulting

I help organizations deploy new technologies, information systems, and ways of working worldwide to increase their efficiency, effectiveness, and growth.  My experience in Project Management, Business Analysis, Technical Development and Organization Change Management allows me to have the full view of what is needed to successfully implement new solutions to business problems and increases in efficiency.   

The organizations I have worked with include large corporations, management consulting firms, business start-ups, social enterprises, INGOs, federal, state and local government, as well as non-profit organizations.   

Here are descriptions of some of my recent projects:

Public Sector
•   State Government 

Currently I am leading a system modernization and integration effort for a US state government organization that will enable them to improve the delivery of public health benefits assistance to their constituency.  

•   US Federal Government

 I have lead technical development teams (and worked as a technical developer) on US Federal projects to implement large Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software with customized reporting solutions.

•   Foreign Government

I have worked with a government agency for an east African country to help them improve their delivery of healthcare and pharmaceutical products through more transparent data gathering and reporting on constituencies, public facilities, benefits eligibility systems, medical equipment and pharmaceutical supply data.     

Private Sector
•   Manufacturing

I have managed the deployments of data analytics software to help manufacturing clients efficiently manage inventory and supply chain. 

•   Financial, Banking and Insurance

I lead data analytics projects that resulted in my insurance and banking clients executing demographically-targeted marketing campaigns to customers based on their projected needs.  This allowed my clients to increase revenue opportunities while offering customers products that are tailored to meet their specific needs.  

International Development / Humanitarian Sector
•   International Non-Government Organizations (INGOs)

I directed worldwide deployments of end-to-end Supply Chain and Warehouse Management systems for international organizations that provide critical water infrastructure, food and medical supplies to displaced peoples.  

•   Foreign Government

I have worked with a government agency for an east African country to help them improve their delivery of healthcare and pharmaceutical products through more transparent data gathering and reporting on constituencies, public facilities, benefits eligibility systems, medical equipment and pharmaceutical supply data.    

Please contact me to discuss your business and/or technology solution opportunity.

Humanitarian & International Development

I have worked with African governments, INGOs, social enterprises, and locally-run businesses to deploy end-to-end Supply Chain and Warehouse Management systems.  These information systems enabled more efficiency and transparency in the supply chain - and ultimately, better visibility into daily operations to allow for better decision-making by government leaders.  

My end goal was to improve the provision of medical pharmaceutical care and supplies to the country’s constituents who need them - in a manner that is cost-effective, efficient and also grows the skillset of the local employees working for the government organization and locally-owned businesses and healthcare facilities.  

Please contact me to discuss collaboration on your humanitarian, international development or social enterprise opportunity.  

Career Transition & Relocation Coaching

Career Change can be scary – especially when it is forced on you through an unexpected layoff, having to take a long period of time off work to care for yourself or loved ones, or personal life or goal changes.  As a consultant for the past 20 years, I have changed roles, sectors, jobs / clients and countries many times and can relate to all of these scenarios.

I typically work with experienced Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) professionals who are either mid or senior-level professionals and looking to make a career and/or country change.  I help clients through their job change process by enabling them to find more fulfilling, suitable work as efficiently as possible - making the most of their time in the job search. My coaching clients have landed new roles and built new lives all over the globe - including the UK, Amsterdam, Bangladesh, and throughout the United States.

My tools and shortcuts could help you find the new role that you are looking for.  We will build a sensible plan that you could action now to create the new career and life you desire, while making sure your current financial and life needs are met as you work through your transition.

Please contact me to discuss your international career change and/or relocation.

Content Creation Services

I can provide interesting and informative content for your organization and/or publication.  The three main areas of content that I focus on are writing, photography and historical family libraries.  Please see sections below for more details.


I can provide interesting and informative articles for your publication.  Some suggested topics include:

Living and Working Overseas
• International Transition – moving your career and personal life to another country
• Culture Shock – how to deal with the unexpected in the workplace and in your new community
• New Experiences – taking advantage of unique travel and “local” experiences while living abroad
• Life in the field as a Humanitarian Worker

• Solo Adventure – making the most of your experience traveling and/or living abroad on your own
• Travel tips for corporate professionals
• Organize group travel (for work or leisure)

Career Change Transition
• Contract Independently as a Consultant (to give you more time and financial freedom)
• Transition from the corporate world to self-employed consulting
• Land a new location-independent (work from home) opportunity
• Create a new business start-up (online, in the US and abroad)
• Leap from corporate life into the humanitarian sector
• Become a technology and supply chain/logistics professional

IT Consulting and Project Management
• How to overcome the challenges of managing remote-based teams across multiple time zones
• Best practices in program management based on both theory (Prince2, SCRUM) and real-world experience
• “Real World” Project Management – How to anticipate (and protect against) the unexpected and still achieve success


Travel and journalistic-style photography has been a life-long passion of mine - I have been taking photos of my experiences and travels since I was a teenager.  You can visit my Instagram to see my photography.

Work-Related Photography

As a Humanitarian I would take photos of people and situations abroad to bring awareness of how important our goal to alleviate poverty and suffering was.  I also documented the work of myself and my team doing critical knowledge-transfer activities to show our progress in organization publications.

Travel and Leisure Photography

I enjoy taking photos of my recreational travels to relive my life’s favorite moments - as well as educate my friends, family and readers about the different places I have been and the different people and communities that I have met. 

Family Photo Historian

I have created a library of old family photos dating back to the late 1800’s for both sides of my family, and regularly share photos from this library in two closed Facebook groups for family members.  My photo archive allows all generations of my family to enjoy yesterdays and today’s photos – as well as educate them about our ancestors and family history.  Please see my Instagram for writing and photography samples (as well as the publications listed above), and contact me to discuss how we could collaborate on content for your publication. 

Please contact me to discuss how we could collaborate on content creation for your publication.

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