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How We Can Work Together

I am an experienced and qualified Project Manager (CSM, Prince2).  I also have certification in Health and Humanitarian Supply Chain.


I help clients through the job change process to enable them to find more fulfilling work, and live the life they truly want for themselves.

I can provide interesting and informative articles for your publication. 

Look what they have to say


"I worked with Tracey and her team on a complex data normalization and data governance project for Massachusetts Health and Human Services. Tracey is a talented project manager with a strong technical background and exceptional skills in collaboration and communication. Throughout our engagement, she was always responsive, insightful, and attentive to detail, working quickly with us to remove roadblocks or provide important details to keep up track. She was a true partner in our efforts to launch a large data governance initiative during a public health emergency where time constraints and capacity were realities, which she always navigated with ease. It would be a delight to work with her again in the future!" 

- Katie Hughes
Manager, Govern by Design Practice

"I worked with Tracey on two system upgrade projects for two different clients. She is a strong consultant with a great deal of experience and knowledge in complex global Supply Chains and IT system deployments. Her strong communication skills and experience allowed us to create deliverables on time and on schedule with cooperation from our client team members at all levels of the organization. She is a strong team player and a true asset to any project or organization." 

- Kurt Shallenberger

"Tracey Forgue was a resourceful, conscientious, hard-working consultant who was always focused on the needs of her client. She communicates effectively to determine their specific needs and to construct solutions to meet them. "

- Dan Artz
IT Project Manager

"I worked closely with Tracey for several years. She is an excellent leader and highly-skilled as a Project Manager and Supply Chain consultant. Tracey’s leadership skills enabled us to work together effectively as a team to meet our targeted project timelines. She is a great resource, and will bring much added value to any organization she joins. I would be more than happy to work with her again in the future."

- LaShawn Jones
EBS Consultant

"It was great to reconnect with Tracey, this time at PSA (Pamela Steele Associates Ltd) where we worked together. Tracey joined PSA in June to Dec 2019 as a consultant where she supported our data analytics and project management teams. Tracey demonstrated excellent skills in project management, data production and use conceptualization. She was demonstrated excellent collaboration and communication skills both internally and with our partners. Provided clear guidance on international best practice and efficient ways of working, which enabled us to provide value to our client. Tracey is creative at providing potential solution ideas and sharing her knowledge with team members on project management and agile mindset to ensure best possible use of resources and communications. She's quick, positive and adept at removing roadblocks and has attention to details. I highly recommend Tracey to any prospective client/employer and would be delighted to work with her again." 

- Pam Steele
Founder and CEO / Pamela Steele Associates, Ltd (UK)

"Hiring Tracey to be a career coach has been the best move I have made in quite a while. She has provided valuable feedback on my CV, LinkedIn Profile, job hunting techniques, crafting cover letters and networking with other professionals. I have had more hits on my CV as well as more people checking my profile since I took Tracey's suggestions. I am thinking of hiring her again for more coaching in the event I decide to go into business for myself. Consider your time and money well spent getting coaching from Tracey M. Forgue. I have had more phone calls since I have taken her suggestions on approaching individual companies tactically as well as strategically."

- Kevin Best
Software Professional / SM, QA, BA, SA

"Within just three months of KYW coaching, I was able to secure three great international job offers, move to a more desired location, AND increase my existing salary! Tracey and the KYW team helped me identify my true priorities, and identify what it is that I wanted from my next role. KYW also has a large network around the world and these professionals were very helpful, informative, and kind. Now, I’m starting a role with an organization that I’m thrilled to work for, with 30% international travel! I can’t thank Tracey and her team enough and would not hesitate to recommend KYW to anyone undergoing a major career and/or location transition." 

- Kristin Schmitz
NGO Worker

"Tracey was a wonderful find and helped me immensely in obtaining my current role. Her sessions helped me to refine my CV and she taught me how to focus more on networking and relationship building rather than sheer force of application. Despite both our crazy global travel schedules, she always made time for our sessions and left me with plenty of homework and action plans. I really cannot sing her praises enough. Any job seekers looking outside of their immediate network or who need to refresh on the job-seeking process would be well served by working with Tracey."

- James Flament
Director, Quality Control at Kite Pharma EU B.V.

"Working with Tracey is a joy. She is smart, a quick study, patient and has a positive attitude. Tracey is adept at removing obstacles and she can adroitly balance many priorities. Delegation, empowerment, accountability and attention to detail make Tracey a talented PM and valuable team member!" 

- Bryan Albert

"Tracey Forgue is a phenomenal technical professional that has broad-based understanding for capturing both customer expectations and delivering quality results to business executives. Her Oracle expertise and integrated solutions background has provided her with opportunities to foster quality results in everything she’s involved herself in. Tracey is truly an asset…hands-down. You’d want her on your team!" 

- Edward Walters
Marketing & Advertising Professional

"Tracey’s dynamic style and positive challenging were much appreciated by the team, and she quickly established trust and confidence in her ability to lead the project. Tracey also drew on her previous experience to manage the Project Board and key stakeholders, where her technical background in particular was a real asset in the relation with the IS department. She has demonstrated not only that she can quickly get on top of a complex project, but also has the ability to recognise and effectively manage her own limits and engage the support of the people around her."

- Martijn Blansjaar
Head of Logistics & Supply / Oxfam

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